[List], February 16th, 1897. [List], February 16th, 1897.

[List], February 16th, 1897.

Kelmscott Press, ; 1897

245A:1:1:[List], February 16th, 1897.
260A:1:1:Hammersmith :
260B:1:1:Kelmscott Press,
300A:1:1:4 leaves :
300B:1:1:ill. ;
300C:1:1:21 cm.
440A:1:1:A collection of 24 press lists, announcements and other ephemera
500A:1:1:Woodcut printer's device(No.1) on the initial page, one woodcut initial.
500A:2:1:Printed in Golden type, with specimen lines in Troy and Chaucer types on initial page, some lines printed in red (including the last paragraph on the set of vellum copies without the Chaucer for sale).
500A:3:1:Traces of a vertical fold, light dustsoiling to the initial and the last leaves.

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